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Tasty Fried Chicken

John my Pacific Director for SES Networks is in town for the week. Amidst the rush of various meetings with clients in Port Moresby, we decided to do a informal ‘Birthday Lunch’ and stopped at this Korean Restaurant in Vision City.

Korean Restaurant in Vision City

I have walked past this place since its opened and had never once bothered to check it out. So to save time, John and I decided to duck in here to get what we could eat before heading to the next meet.

Amongst the menu is this delicacy. A fried chicken in sweet chili sauce and garlic and soy. I have had some many friend chicken in Port Moresby from Big Rooster to KMC and DMC you can name it…….but this ‘Fried Chicken’ from the Korean Restaurant in Vision City just tops it all.

If you in Vision City and want to try this out……you’ll never regret this choice


Dear Family & Friends,

Been trying to figure out what to do on my Birthday as I approach the halfway mark of the life expectancy in Papua New Guinea. I was wondering if I had at least influenced anyone I came across in the last 10-15 years and if there was any significant positive change in those who I had met.

I guess what I am trying to say is, am at the stage where I am thinking, will anyone remember me after I am gone? Maybe my children will …but would my grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember me?

Am thinking – what I need to leave behind is a legacy……….

So I have decided to create a website (blog) which I would document some of my passions (not the nasty ones). I have named it ‘Paura – the Digital Nomad’, that summarizes my two main passion of Technology and Travel. The last few years, I did much travel and involved in technology but did not get to pen them down for someone else to enjoy.

So I’ve created the nomadicpaura website will be collection of my interests in life going forward. Aside from Technology and Travel, there would be a page on Entrepreneurship, a page on Food (who dosnt like to eat or even cook? ) and of course, there would be another page on Photography.

I plan that this website would be use as a guide for anyone who hasn’t really grown any wings to fly away from their nests and also some pointers on travel locations, budget meals, tips on photography and some advice on technology and business.

Hope some of you follow me on this journey…