Lost Continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean

The location for the “Cradle of Civilization “has been the burning question that many historians and geologists have tried to find for the last 100 years. It wasn’t my intention to try find the answer to that question. My intention was to find the genealogy of my people beyond what I know or have been passed down from my ancestors.

A few months ago, I started on the Labyrinth of Pokop Yap Pohyomou and wanted to discover the meanings of the Labyrinth that was carved into the granite rock in Manus. Pokop was a semi-god that lived in Mountain Pohyomou there were a few of his kinds that lived in surrounding mountains as well.

Who were the Pokop’s and how did they get to live on the Mountain Tops in Manus?

My study on Pokop, lead me to read a lot about the ancient civilizations of Africa, Europe, Asia but specifically on Egypt or more specifically on the Sumerians and the Anunnaki and trying to make any connection between them and Pokop.

However, a new Facebook friend who has been studying ancient civilization for the last 30 years has pointed me to look closer at home. He suggested I read more about the ‘Lost Civilization of Lemuria’ which was found to be in the Pacific and Lemuria predated Atlantis.

The legendary ‘Lost Civilization of Atlantis’ has been widely researched and documented in much literature. Atlantis as they say was a very highly technological civilization that disappeared from the face of the earth.

In 1860 German biologist Ernst Haeckel began publishing work claiming that Lemuria was what allowed humans to first migrate out of Asia (believed by some at the time to be the birthplace of humanity) and into Africa.

Haeckel even suggested that Lemuria (a.k.a. “Paradise”) may have been the very cradle of humankind itself


Lemuria, which is also referred to as ‘Mu’, was allegedly located in the Indian Ocean according to scientists in the mid-1800s (allthatsinteresting.com). According to lemuria.net, Lemuria existed physically as a vast “continent in the Pacific Ocean from approximately 98,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C. long before and partially at the same time as Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.”

It included the Philippiness, Guam, Fiji Islands, Hawaii, and Easter Island. At its peak, it even reached some lands of British Columbia in Canada and some lands in Madagascar.

Lemuria, or Mu, is a mythical continent that allegedly was located in the Pacific Ocean region or the Pacific Ring of Fire. Today we read about accelerating natural disasters in that area – earthquakes, tsunamis – dormant volcanoes becoming active – as the tectonic plates continue to shift triggering the message that one day all will need once again. This takes us to creation myths – submerged cities, flood stories around the world and Simulation Theory.

Lemuria is said to have thirteen colonies and they chose Atlantis to be a colony where a new civilization would be created “genetic modification and creation of a new form of being.”


10 years ago, I had a DNA test done and the majority of the DNA pointed to being of Malay, Papuan and Chinese. I was quite intrigued on how Malay was a dominant gene but my search now seems to make more sense as the Malay gene is basically the Lemuria gene that’s was moving between the 2 locations of India and the Pacific as shown by the map below

Frontis plate with illustration from Ernst Haeckel “The History of Creation” English translation by Prof. E. Ray Lankaster 1876. “A hypothetical sketch of the monophyletic origin and of the extension of the 12 races of man from Lemuria over the Earth”. While Darwin correctly suspected an African origin for mankind, Haeckel hypothesised a lost continent of Lemuria from which the various races of mankind had spread. Though there seemed little basis in geology for this supposition, it suited his own racial ideologies and would help him explain the (then) rarity of human fossils (on account of them being lost on a drowned continent). It also helped explain the anomalous distribution of Lemurs (hence the name) in the seemingly disconnected realms of Africa, Madagascar, India and Asia. We now have many early hominid fossils from Africa and explain lemur distributions with continental drift.

There are a lot of correlations between Lemuria and that of the Pacific especially in Papua New Guinea.

 Christina the Channel, an energy healer and business mentor made some notes on Lumeria. According to her, Lemuria was the original civilization on earth that was very high frequency, like heaven on earth.

3:10 – She has visuals, memories of that place [Lemuria]. She saw it was a very colorful, vibrant place with lots of fruits and vegetables. Strong connection to the earth, energy healing, healing with the earth, crystal technology. Hawaiian energies.

3:40 – They didn’t use money but bartered with one another; sharing, exchanging, collaborating with one another and innocence.

4:07 – Everything felt very equal, loving, compassionate in Lemuria.

4:49 – When people discuss about new earth it has similar energies as Lemuria. And today, we are returning back to true collaboration, operating from love, compassion and forgiveness

Does Hiri Trade in Papua and the Lapita Trade makes sense now??


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  • I’m really interested in this topic. I’m from Manus, specifically from BALOPA and Penabu Nali electorate from a village called Sohoneriu. We used to travel by car passed a place called Polomou where they crush rocks to build road and infrastructure in Manus which my Grand father used to tell me was close to Pokops place. He told me Pokop’s bed was made of stone and there were some other extraordinary tale about that person or thing as he also has supernatural powers to manipulate rocks become whatever/however he wants. I’ve also had interests with the Titans whom I heard from someone from there who said that Casta reef was originally their place of origin but due to some past events, their island sank due to some simulated catastrophe which kind of displace the Titans and some of them sail to the nearby islands of Rambutyo, Baluan (moke), Mbuke and mainland Mbunai and Pere Village of the Penabu Nali electorate.

    I know I’ve said alot and it might not make sense but what you shared kind of captured my attention as I’ve been really interested in this topic since I’ve always been curious about my original bloodline where my ancestors really came from. Thanks for now I know I’m not alone in this quest. For your information I’ve also been interested in Lemuria and the lost civilization of Atlantis as it might lead to how Manusians came about.


  • Samson Psalmist Maim

    This is Incredible thanks Rex for the Inspiration!


  • In 2017 I actually wrote a novel about Lemuria. Since it was a science fiction adventure novel (and a sequel to another book I wrote called Atlantis), I changed some things of what history believes. In it, Lemuria and Mu were two different factions but they became allies when Mu ran into trouble. Later, Atlantis came and started a war against Lemuria and Mu with Atlantis winning and nearly wiping out the Lemurians

    One things I can say is in my book Atlantis and Lemuria’s relationship was similar to the settlers and Native Americans respectively, Atlantis being technologically advance and Lemuria being highly spiritual but primitive. Also, Atlantis went to war for Lemuria’s resources in the story, however, Mu protected Lemuria with their own technology


    • Wow …this quite interesting stuff.
      I’d love to read your novel if you have any copies of it


      • Happy it caught your fancy:) Unfortunately, I’m still currently looking for a literary agent to represent it (that, along with another novel I wrote last year). Hopefully, it won’t be long. If all else fails, I may post it on my patreon


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