• Discovery of the Decade

    Ending this decade with a discovery of a perfect spot for a truly Papua New Guinean experience. Now you may ask me, what do you mean by a Papua New

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  • Debt Trap – How loans trap us

    The financial crisis is one inseparable part of a person’s life, and it may come in anyone’s life, without any notice. There are situations when the most financially stable person

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  • Planet ICELAND…

    My third trip to Europe was end of January 2019. Usually on these business trips, you fly-in the night before the meetings, do all the meetings for the week and

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  • Advantages of ONLINE Learning

    There are several problems with the traditional system of education. First of all, you need to pay thousands per term to attend a prestigious school. With all those budget cuts,

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  • Papua New Guinea Snapshot

    Have alot of friends from around the world who asks me to tell them about Papua New Guinea. I usually start to tell about Manus only and really don’t include

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  • Guardians of Port Moresby

    High up the hill on the eastern end of Idler’s Bay lies the remnants of once the largest Coastal Batteries in Port Moresby. The Basilisk Battery was built by the

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  • Free Email Address is bad for Business

    I have seen so many professional business cards with a gmail address on it and my first instinct is never to take that person seriously! Maybe it is just my

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  • DataCo uses O3B satellites

    Just over 12 months ago, I was privileged to escort DataCo engineers to Manasseh in US to do a factory acceptance test for an O3B Satellite that DataCo has purchased

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  • Footprints

    Dear Family & Friends, Been trying to figure out what to do on my Birthday as I approach the halfway mark of the life expectancy in Papua New Guinea. I

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